Poet Laureate and Runners-Up

2021-2022 Poet Laureate

Sheila Tingley Moore 

Sheila has been Poet Laureate of SAPA six times and won the Poetic Excellence Award 14 times. She was Poet Laueate Emeritus in 2008-09, and served for two years as the Senior Poet Laureate for the Kitchner Foundation. She is an Honor Scroll winner. In 2017, she was on the program at the Humphrey Brown Theatre in Creede, CO. She was President of SAPA from 2006-2008, half term as Vice President in 2014-2015 and half term as President in 2015-2016, and held several other offices in SAPA. She's a member and councilor for PST and also a member of NFSPS and other literary organizations. She has published seven collections of her poetry and is published in many anthologies. She's often a featured reader at venues and sponsors and judges contests for PST. 

2021-2022 Poet Laureate Runners-Up

Antoinette Winstead ~ First Runner-Up

Antoinette Winstead bio information forthcoming.