Poet Laureate and Runners-Up

2018-2019 Poet Laureate

Valerie Martin Bailey

Valerie is Poet Laureate for the 12th time this year. Poet Laureate Emeritus in 2009-2010, she has won the Poetic Excellence Award seven times. She has published two books of inspirational poetry: A Gathering of Roses and Spinning Straw Into Gold. She is published in many anthologies and magazines: Inkwell Echoes, PST's A Book of the Year, NFSPS' Encore (two poems in the 2018 edition), A Galaxy of Verse, The Texas Poetry Calendar, Voices de la Luna, Lucidity, Möbius, Voices Along the River, Eagles of Light, Patchwork Poems, The Rainbow Sampler, America's Poetic Voice, PST's E-book: A Texas Garden of Verse, The Encourager, The Church Triumphant Today, and most recently, the Summer Conference anthology published by Waco's Heart of Texas Poetry Society. Valerie has written poems and short stories for Harcourt-Brace Publishing Co. (for school achievement testing for reading comprehension). She was hired by Adoption Alliance to write poetry for a baby book and greeting card line for adoptive parents, marketed nationally under the name Baby Face. She's written poetry scripts for the San Antonio Symphony Ball and the San Antonio Christmas Pageant. She served on the NFSPS Executive Board as 2nd Vice Chancellor and Encore Editor for 12 years, and now as Encore Editor Emeritus. She's a Life Member of PST, a councilor, a recipient of PST's President's Award and the Hilton Ross Greer Outstanding Service Award. On PST's Editorial Committee for many years, she's been the editor of PST's newsletter The Bulletin for the past six years. PST's 2017 A Book of the Year was dedicated to her, as was the 2018 PST Student Anthology. A SAPA member for 38 years, she twice served as president and has been editor of Inkwell Echoes since 1982. She was editor of Voices Along the River for seven years. For nine years, she served the Laurel Crown Board as Festival Director, Treasurer, and editor of The Dreamcatcher. She was an associate editor for Voices de la Luna, and published two book reviews in Rattle Poetry Magazine. She sponsors contests for PST, and serves as a Contest Judge for state and national contests. She was guest poetry editor for The San Antonio Express-News for three months. A frequent speaker for venues and organizations, she was featured with Floyd Lamrouex in a program for National Poetry Month at PST's April 2017 meeting in Dallas. Valerie is the owner, editor, and publisher of Word Design Press.

2018-2019 Poet Laureate Runners-Up

Sheila Tingley Moore ~ First Runner-Up

Sheila has been Poet Laureate of SAPA six times and won the Poetic Excellence Award 14 times. She was Poet Laueate Emeritus in 2008-09, and served for two years as the Senior Poet Laureate for the Kitchner Foundation. She is an Honor Scroll winner. In 2017, she was on the program at the Humphrey Brown Theatre in Creede, CO. She was President of SAPA from 2006-2008, half term as Vice President in 2014-2015 and half term as President in 2015-2016, and held several other offices in SAPA. She's a member and councilor for PST and also a member of NFSPS and other literary organizations. She has published seven collections of her poetry and is published in many anthologies. She's often a featured reader at venues and sponsors and judges contests for PST.

Loretta Burns Vaughan ~ Second Runner-Up

Inheriting her father's poetry gene, Loretta has written poetry since her teens. She has served as SAPA's recording secretary and was a great help to her husband, Wallace, when he served as contest chair. Loretta belongs to PST and NFSPS. A frequent contest winner in SAPA contests, she's also placed first in PST contests, and has also won seconds, thirds, and honorable mentions at the state level. This year she won a first place and two honorable mentions at the national level. Her first place poem appeared in the 2017 Encore. She was a featured poet at the Awaken the Sleeping Poet venue at Barnes & Noble several times and also at the Poets' Showcase at the Twig Bookshop. Loretta was featured reader representing SAPA at the 2013 PST conference, and she has been published in PST's first E-Book, A Texas Garden of Verse. In 2012 she published her first full poetry collection, What Angels Bless.

Floyd L. Lamrouex ~ Third Runner-Up

Floyd has served SAPA since 2003 as Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Membership Chairman, Program Chairman, and Webmaster. A member of PST and NFSPS, he served both organizations as legal counsel, and he continues to serve PST as legal counsel. He is a PST Councilor-at-Large, and has served as conference and convention bookroom manager for PST and NFSPS since 2006. His collection of poems and stories, Oasis in the Sky, combines his storytelling ability with his gift for writing prose and poetry. He is published in Inkwell Echoes; Voices Along the River; A Galaxy of Verse; The Dreamcatcher; PST’s A Book of the Year; Voices de la Luna; and The San Antonio Express-News. He’s been a PST Spotlight Poet, and he and Valerie Bailey presented a program for National Poetry Month at PST’s April 2017 meeting. He has received numerous awards for his poetry: first places at local and state levels. He hosted a poetry venue at Barnes & Noble for 13 years. Floyd is an attorney with an MBA as well, builds his own computers and websites (he is both a "coder" and "designer,"), plays trumpet and flugelhorn and is the trumpet section leader in his church orchestra, is the organizer and leader of his brass quintet, Living Water Brass, and is finishing his third book in a fantasy series entitled The Daystar Chronicles with much of books four and five close to completion. Read his published books at www.thedaystarchronicles.net.