Contest Topics

Sep. 2018 ~ Lunches - Use your imagination: school lunches, business lunches, lunch dates, picnic lunches, what Mama packed in your lunch, etc.

Oct. 2018 ~ A Fall to Remember - This can be a physical fall, falling in love, or a poem about your most memorable Autumn season.

Nov. 2018 ~ A Country Structure - Barn, Outhouse, Chicken Coop, Cistern, Smokehouse, Woodshed, Cellar, etc.

Dec. 2018 ~ Pay It Forward - Passing on a kindness or a blessing you have received.

Jan. 2019 ~ Let It Snow... - An experience with snow, good or bad. Skiing at lodge, lost in a blizzard, snowball fight, or making a snowman.

Feb. 2019 ~ Believe It or Not - An amazing or unbelievable experience. This can be your experience or someone else’s.

Mar. 2019 ~ There’s a Crack in the... Sidewalk, Ice, Teacup, Door, Mirror, Ceiling. Get crackin’ and see where this takes you.

Apr. 2019 ~ A Fool’s Errand... Have you ever been on one? Tell us about it.

May 2019 ~ Climbing... A Mountain, a Tree, Stairs, a Rope, the Corporate or Social Ladder, Over a Fence, Up a Pole. You get the idea.

Sep. 2019 ~ Snakes Alive! - Fear of snakes, an encounter with a snake, or you may want to write about a human “snake in the grass.”

Contest Judges

September, 2018 ~ Birma Castle, Beaumont, TX

October, 2018 ~ Barbara Berry, Mansfield, TX

November, 2018 ~ Steve Sanders, Fort Worth, TX

December, 2018 ~ Robert Schinzel; Highland Village, TX

January, 2019 ~ Sandi Horton, Waco, TX

February, 2019 ~ Irene C. Robertson, Little Elm, TX

March, 2019 ~ Michael Baldwin, Benbrook, TX

April 2019 ~ Lynn Lewis, Fort Worth, TX

May 2019 ~ Catherine L'Herisson, Garland, TX

September 2019 ~ To Be Announced