Monthly Contests Poem Preparation

Open Topic: write a poem on any subject of your choice in any form.

Assigned Topic: write a poem on the assigned topic—any form unless specified.

NEVER title your poem the same as the subject title, e.g. Lunches or Climbing or any other topic title. Poem titles must be different than the topic subject. All contest poems have a 28 line limit unless otherwise specified. Poems may be rhymed or free verse unless the form calls for one or the other.

• Print two (2) copies of each poem.

• On both copies of each poem, type SAPA, the appropriate contest---"Assigned" topic or "Open" topic---and the date on the upper right hand corner.

• On one copy of each poem, type your name on the upper left hand corner.

All contest entries in both categories will be read at the meetings, and the Contest Chair will collect the poems as they are read. Poems must be submitted at the meetings. No entries will be received after the meeting. Each judge has his/her own criteria for judging, and the judge’s decision is final. Typing is recommended. Use a plain 12 point font (Times New Roman or Helvetica). Single space. Do not use a fancy font, do not use all caps, and do not use any illustrations. Black ink on white paper. We encourage the judges to critique all the poems, but not all judges do so. Judges receive the copies without names and judged poems will be returned to you at the next meeting. If your poems are not picked up by the end of the year, the Contest Chairman will discard them. Poem copies with names will be given to the Inkwell Echoes editor for publication. Winners of each month’s contests are announced and certificates given to the winners. A revolving trophy is given to 1st place winners. At the May Awards Ceremony a Poetic Excellence Award will be given to the winner of the most SAPA, PST, and NFSPS contests during the year.