San Antonio Poets Association Anthology
Inkwell Echoes

Editor/Publications Chairman: Floyd L. Lamrouex


SAPA publishes an annual anthology titled Inkwell Echoes. The printing cost is paid from the Association's treasury and monies from sales are returned to the treasury. Members receive one copy, the cost of which is included in their annual dues. Additional books are usually $10 each, or as determined by current printing costs.

Poems are typeset as submitted; however, obvious spelling errors or typos are corrected. If there is a question concerning a poem, the editor will attempt to call or e-mail the poet to make certain it is printed to the poet's expectations. If the poet cannot be reached, the editor will use her best judgment.

The poems are carefully proofread by the editorial committee before printing. Since the editor and committee are human and have not yet attained perfection, occasionally errors are overlooked, but every precaution is taken to ensure an error free book. Poets are urged to turn in clean, neat, correctly typed originals that conform to all contest criteria. Check the dictionary to make sure all words are spelled correctly. This helps ensure accurate reproduction. If a foreign word or phrase is used, spell it correctly with proper accent marks. If it is not a commonly known word or phrase, translate it in a footnote.

The following criteria are used for selecting poems to be included in Inkwell Echoes. Only poems by dues paid members will be published. Members may enter poems that were entered during the current year's contests (April through March), or poems from previous years that have never been published in Inkwell Echoes. If poems have been previously published, please credit and identify the publications.

The Poet Laureate may submit up to four poems for the anthology. Members may submit two poems. These numbers may flucuate from year to year as the Association grows or as printing costs increase.

The Contest Chairman gives the current year's poems to the editor in May, so if a member wants two poems from the current year published, the editor needs only the titles, as she will already have copies of the poems. However, if a member wants to publish a poem from a previous year, the actual poem must be given to the editor at the May meeting or by e-mail by the May meeting. It is difficult for the editor to obtain poems during the summer since members leave on vacation. Those who do not attend the May meeting must take the initiative to turn in poems. The editor should not have to pursue members for poems. If you don't make the effort, your poems won't be published. Poems published in Inkwell Echoes, or anywhere else, become ineligible for PST and NFSPS contests and many other contests that members may wish to enter.