Jane Cocke Perdue

We Made a Profit, Didn't We

We made a profit, didn’t we?
Sold “as is”
Without “cosmetic updates”
Guaranteeing quick re-sale:

New roof
Fresh paint inside and out,
Repair screen door
Replace window pane
And much, much more
Lapping profit from the bottom line
Like a thirsty cat─

Flooring, carpets, fixtures
Number sign renewed
Plantings for curb appeal
Modern mailbox
Outdoor lighting rewired
Macadam drive re-poured
Fence stained and propped…

And on and on and on
Until the house
Would not be the same
at all!
In fact, driving by
We would not even know
It had once belonged to us.

We made a profit, didn’t we?
Sold “as is”
Didn’t we?

Why, then, when dusting
Our framed photograph
Of the fox peering
Through our unpropped, unstained
Used-to-be backyard fence,
Do I want to cry?

©Jane Cocke Perdue